Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Carbsane launches in-house magazine !

Hi all my disciples, arse lickers and anonymous fellow miscreants, your  Governess speaking. We have had a hell of a week on the blog. As usual, zilch in the way of educating or assisting people, but boy, have we slagged some people off. But first a big hand to nigeepoo for taking on that retard Eddie Mitchell from the lowcarb diabetic blog, at Richard Nikoley’s despicable blog. Nice try nigeepoo, but try to stay on the case, you’re looking a bigger twat by the minute. If that’s the best you can do, join the Salvation Army. I would have gone over there myself and given Mitchell a good kicking, but my oh my, I’m having a terrible time at the moment.

Due to all the lies saying I am morbidly obese, (how the hell can 215lb and 5 foot 3 be called over weight ?) I am having one last go at shedding the blubber. I’m on an Orlistat and cookie diet, and jeez has it played havoc with my guts, hence the installation of the Karzy next to my desk.

My god that Orlistat is a bitch, you should see my arsehole, it looks like the front of Louis Armstrong's trumpet.  While on the subject of arseholes, what the f**k has that imbecile Grashow been trying to pull. He licks my butt for years, and then goes over to Nikoley’s joint and rubbishes me. When Nikoley bans him, and deletes all his comments, he slithers over to that abominable CarbSaner  blog and slags me off there. He then has the bare faced effrontery to grovel under the door here, with sob stories of  "sorry exulted one it won’t happen again" Let me tell you this folks, his arsehole is in far worse shape than mine, and I haven’t started with him yet.

On the negative side, I  seem to have sabotaged my own blog and most of the comments have disappeared. Wait till I start slagging Discus, they won’t know what hit em. So, my grovelling sycophants, your mission this week is start posting more comments on my blog. It’s looking as threadbare as those size 8 pants I used to tyre lever on. Start making an effort and start kicking butt.

Evelyn aka CarbSane

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