Friday, April 12, 2013

The Low Carb Diabetic we do what it says on the tin !

Check out our about me (which means us, we work as a team) and it says.

“We are a small band of diabetics all low carbers. Posting links to diabetes related articles and low carb food advice. In our spare time we like to lampoon the spreaders of fear and misinformation. Welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.”

That’s what we do. We try to put up current and useful health and diabetes related items. Our recipe blog is very basic, but will get a new recruit, to the lowcarb lifestyle, a good start on their way to a healthier way of eating, and should reduce medication for many diabetics. Hopefully it will help people to not become a type two diabetic. Our website again is very basic and simple. It is aimed at the newly diagnosed, or long term out of control diabetic. Page after page of cut and paste high tech science is the last thing they need. Simple works and keeps on working. So far, so good.

People sometimes say to us, we like your blog and website, but why all the aggro, why waste your time with negative and bitter people, people who have failed and have nothing positive to offer. That’s a simple question and the answer is. We have noticed over the years on forums and blogs, when heated argument or a bun fight is in progress, the members logged on or page views go up. If you are on a mission and have a passionate cause you believe in that’s great. But if people aren’t reading your blog, you're talking to yourself.

A great example from last night. The Free The Animal blog, run by a man called Richard Nikoley in the US, posted an article on his blog yesterday. In this item he linked to our blog and a wind up cartoon. Our page views went up by over 300 more than normal during the night. Richard’s blog has a huge readership, and is one of the number one blogs in the paleo and lowcarb world. So, many come over and have a laugh, some may think our blog is rubbish, some may think we are a bunch of misfits, who knows. But here’s the rub, someone may have visited our blog and stayed awhile, some may have read through our what we call (Capt. Sensible posts) if one person learned something to their advantage, and went away with information, that will assist them in greater control of their diabetes or weight, then for us that is a great result.

So, that’s one reason for the grief, there are many more, but that will do for today.

Have a great weekend and thank you to all who support us.


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