Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Jan our latest lowcarb team member.

For those who may not have guessed, Jan is my wife. In almost every way the total opposite of me. They say opposites attract, who am I to argue. Jan started lowcarbing the same day as me, almost five years ago. Jan is an ex PE teacher and never a pound overweight in her life. After five years of supporting me and my friends, she wants to take an active part in the cause. From the start she understood, a diet based on sugar and carbs made no sense, for anyone.

With the weather warming up and offers of the photographic work I find interesting, I am standing back somewhat. Please cut her some slack, she is very new to the world of blogs, as for me, I intend to spend my days fishing and photographing nature, a man could do worse.

Good health and good luck to you and yours.


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