Monday, April 22, 2013

Nigel Kinbrum and other numbskulls !

If you get around the bloggosphere, especially on some of the sites in the US, you must have come across Nigel Kinbrum, or as he prefers to call himself Nigeepoo. From such diverse blogs such as Free The Animal, to the skid row blog of CarbSane the all knowing. In all fairness our Nigeepoo is a pretty harmless sort of guy, and not bright enough to cause any grief to the thinking man or woman. He reminds me very much of a dog my Father once owned. It was a lot of fun and full of mischief, but when it got old, it went batshit and had to be put down.

So, where is this post going, what’s it all about. Well every now and again, I find a person that makes a lot of noise, they stand for nothing and talk complete nonsense re the best way to control type two diabetes. They talk a lot about diet, but don’t come close to knowing the basic fundamentals. In my opinion these people cause confusion, they suck the kneecaps of idiots such as Evelyn Kocur and I use these dullards to promote the lowcarb cause. I wind them up and lampoon them, always posting under my own name which links directly to our lowcarb diabetic website. Which also links to our main and lowcarb recipe blogs. Recently I have had various run ins with Nigel, mainly on the Free The Animal blog. I recently lampooned him in a couple of cartoons on this blog. One of his replies.

“Someone is a little slow on the uptake and that someone's name is Eddie Mitchell.

I try to not use rude words on my blog, as anyone can read it. Therefore I will merely state that Mr Mitchell is feeling extremely hard done by, as he has to eat a diet virtually devoid of carbohydrates, because he's either too thick or too stubborn to inject some insulin after his beta cells got fed up with his constant whining and decided to down tools.

I, on the other hand, can eat whatever I like and maintain perfect blood glucose regulation after doing the things listed in  Insulin Resistance: Solutions to problems. It must really suck being Eddie Mitchell.”

As I said earlier, he knows nothing whatsoever re diet, or the safe control of type two diabetes. My diet is not devoid of carbs, I use around fifty per day, almost all from low starch vegetables and a small amount of lowcarb fruits. Fifty carbs, two Metformin pills and moderate exercise. This gives me non diabetic HbA1c, safe stable weight and the trigs of an athlete. What sort of numbskull would recommend upping the carbs and shooting insulin ? Our Nigel eh. I do not fear the day insulin may be my only option, but my way of diabetes control has kept me insulin free for over five years. If Nigel knew the ramifications of shooting insulin, even he would not have made the statement “he's either too thick or too stubborn to inject some insulin” There is probably not an Insulin using diabetic in the world, who would not wish to be free of having to use insulin and all it entails.

One last point, Nigel is not a diabetic. He stated on the Free The Animal blog recently, he was once nearly a type two diabetic. I suspect Nigel was nearly a lot of things.


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