Friday, April 5, 2013

Kate and her lowcarb story.

My name is Kate, a lively 63 years young, living in Cornwall with my husband and dogs, lots of family and grandchildren close by. My Mother, who sadly died in June this year, aged 92 had Diabetes Type 2, was not overweight and until Alzheimer's changed her life, was fit and healthy. I have always been aware that because my Mothers Mum, my maternal grandmother also had Diabetes, it was not unlikely that I would also develop it at some stage. I have always prepared healthy food but admit to maybe enjoying my food too much!

I have also suffered from high BP throughout my adult life, another legacy from Mother, plus Hyper Cholesterolemia, same source, which means that without help, my body does not deal with cholesterol efficiently and so it lays stored, I have been taking statins for some years now and generally have no ill effects, I also take Atenolol and Ace Inhibitors for an erratic BP.

Three years ago, a routine blood test showed elevated levels of sugar and so I took a Glucose Intolerance test, the results showing Pre Diabetes. I was given very little advice, just handed a booklet to read, no tea and sympathy ! Because at that time, I didn't know any better, I followed the advice in the booklet, eat plenty of starchy carbs, which I did and soon noticed the weight gain! 

I spoke to my Doctor who said not to worry, carry on doing what I was doing, so carry on I did !  We then moved house and had to change Doctors and shortly afterwards, my new Doctor ordered blood tests to check on my liver function due to the statins, the results showed a high blood sugar and so the test was repeated two weeks later, the BG was even higher this time and an HbA1c showed 8.8, definitely Diabetes !

I was devastated, I felt betrayed and angry and from that moment on, I decided to take charge of my own disease and destiny, embarking on a read, read and more read programe, it soon made perfect sense that the carbs were the culprit ! My newly appointed Diabetes nurse was aghast at my new regime of low carbing, "On your own head be it" were her words !  Pretty soon, she had to eat her words as the BG began to fall without the help of medication and although I wasn't grossly overweight, my body became toned and healthy at a near perfect 9 stones. The HbA1c result after 8 months was 5.7 and at this juncture, the nurse no longer had an argument, indeed she began to ask me about my regime, taking notes whilst I sang the praises of low carbing, what sweet irony !! Its no use being bitter, I try to be resolute and embrace my new way of life even though there are the odd times I come close to falling off the wagon, but so far I am clinging on for dear life !

Sent in to us some time ago Eddie

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