Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taxpayers foot entire bill for 22-year-old's boob job !

"Breast augmentation is not a typical medical procedure covered under the U.K.'s socialist system of medicine, known officially as the National Health System (NHS). But it suddenly became one recently after 22-year-old Josie Cunningham convinced her doctor that being flat-chested was "causing her emotional distress," and that having bigger boobs was the only way to remedy the problem."

"I don't earn much, but I think I will get used to living the high life  very easily," she is quoted as saying to The Sun. "The sky's the limit now that I've got my new boobs -- and I can't thank the NHS enough for giving them to me."

Yesterday Graham put up a post regarding the lamentable situation in the NHS regarding diabetes care. Many diabetics are being refused test strips to check blood glucose. Without BG testing strips BG control becomes a game of chance. Test strips are expensive to buy and the poor or disadvantaged cannot afford them. The NHS say this is a matter of cost. They also say they believe many diabetics become stressed knowing their BG numbers and is counter productive. Well that could be partially true. If you follow the NHS dietary advice for diabetics and test your BG it will almost always be in the dangerous zone, as the NHS audits prove, most diabetics in the UK spend most of their lives running dangerous BG numbers.

So, the NHS can’t afford test strips or improve the situation for diabetics, but they can afford to pay for boob jobs for a wannabe Katy Price. What appalled me more than anything else over this story, is the fact Graham reckons it was money well spent !


More on this story here.

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