Monday, April 8, 2013

Ketogenic diet and its roll in cancer recovery and prevention.

Last night while having a verbal joust with an idiot on the Free The Animal blog, (one of Carbsane’s eunuchs) a very nice lady asked on another post, if I had looked into ketogenic diet (very lowcarb) and people recovering from cancer. I have looked at carbs and their roll in causing cancer, but never in cancer recovery and ketogenic diets. The lady got me hooked, so I started trawling around and got to bed after 6 am. It appears KD has a large roll to play in cancer recovery, and is a very interesting subject and I think you will agree.

I found this video presentation which talks about cancer and the roll of different food groups. It’s a very interesting presentation and for me gets going 17 minutes in. The mind blower for me is near the end when the presenter asks the audience of the food groups which food group promotes cancer. The overeating of fat has no impact on causing cancer. Carbs bring on a dramatic rise and protein somewhere in between. I think everyone will be interested in the video below.

Other interesting and encouraging links re cancer and carbohydrate restriction.


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