Thursday, April 18, 2013

No fish tonight.

Yes, yes I KNOW some may call this processed food, but Eddie was supposed to go fishing today and catch us dinner BUT he chickened out! No I jest. Anyway I‘d seen this at our local Morrisons Supermarket and thought mmnnn this would be ok for an emergency meal….. and it was. Morrison Bistro Beef Bourguignon with shallots, button mushrooms, carrots and bacon, all cooked in a French red wine sauce, just 9.2 carbs per half pack, so not a bad carb content for an emergency meal. I already had some swede, which I mashed with lots of butter and some white cabbage, which I cooked gently on the hob. Add to that some broccoli micro-waved with some double cream and seasoning and it all tasted extremely good, and the important point, all of this for less than 20 Carbs each for the meal. Some may think I’m heathen at having the broccoli and cream with what really is a gravy type dish but what the heck! My philosophy is if you like it and the carbs are low enough go for it.


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