Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carbsane’s monthly motivational team building session.


OK, shut it and listen up you numbskull's, I don’t want to keep repeating myself. BTW, if anyone asks me why I’m sitting on a mobile shitter, I’ll punch your lights out ! Jeez why did I listen to that chimp Carbophile from the UK and his bloody cookie and Orlistat diet. As you can see, Groveller Grashow is not with us today. After his treachery at the animal blog, and that maniac CarbsaneR’s filthy cesspit, I have dealt with him severely. The medics tell me he will be in traction, and intensive care for at least three months, so I will be writing his comments as usual.

Please welcome typeonepointfive aka Phoenix from the forum. Phoenix has done a superb job at, continually stirring the shit for five years, and giving those evangelical lowcarb bastards a hard time, they don’t call her the slippery one for nothing. Get your arses over there and learn from a master. Keep away from Sid Bonkers and his pet monkey Nigel, they're both complete nutters !

Sanjeev, I’m very disappointed with your work rate these days, you're becoming a total slacker son, start making some effort, or you’ll be back pulling that rickshaw before you can say mines a chicken korma and pilau rice. Melissa, stop that bloody snivelling for Christ’s sake and get over it babe, Masterjohn ain’t coming back, what he sees in Minger is beyond me, but that’s men for you, you give em it all, and they do the off, they’re all scum !

Nigeepoo, what the f**k is up with you these days ? Have you lost the bloody plot ? “Mitchell offered an olive branch and you accepted at Nikoley’s shit heap” Mitchell was taking the piss you muppet ! Give that karaoke up lad, it’s addling your f**king brain. While I’m on the subject of Mitchell’s misfits, keep an eye on ‘em, if that SOB, thinks he can cross the pond, and use nasty Dicks place as a way into the US, he’s more nuts than I thought.

So, my pedigree chums, Saturday is run down Jimmy Moore day, I want 100% effort from you slags, or you’ll be joining Grashow in intensive care. Shhhspplatttt!!! Lighthouse Keeper, pass me another bog roll.

Evelyn aka CarbSane

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